We travelled only the south-west of China, east of Hong Kong in the provinces Guangdong en Guanxi.
Route travelled: Santubong (My) --> Shenzen -->  Guangzhou --> Guilin --> Yangshuo --> Longshen --> Ping'An --> Guangzhou --> Penang (My) --> Kuala Lumpur ... see map

Waiting for the plane to China at Santubungs beach, climbing the mountain

Modern Shenzen

Modern Guangzhou - Pearl River by day
Colourful Guangzhou - Pearl River at night

Haircut at the Qing Ping-Market

Bayun Shan (white cloud hills) near Guangzhou
Less modern Guangzhou 
orang belanda
Colonial architecture at Shamian Island - Guangzhou

Shamian Island ... Michael Lim, son and Qing talking Teochew (Michael is by far the nicest shopkeeper we met in China, so if you happen to be in Guangzhou, visit 'Michaels Place' on Shamian Island)

Colourful facades.

Train travel to Guilin


Cycling around Guilin

Boat trip on the Li Jiang (Guilin to Yangshuo)

Yangshuo's tourist attractions - some temple,  a 1500 year old tree ... really exciting stuff

Cycling around Yangshuo

Yangshuo by night

Bamboo rafting on the Yulong He


Walking towards the Longshen Hot Springs

Rice terraces at Ping'An

Bye bye China ...

Back in sunny (sometimes rainy) Malaysia - Penang and Kuala Lumpur