The Fam. Oonk in Maleisie

Prior to the wedding festivities in Kuching, the Oonk family spent a few days in and around Kuching. Many thanks to Teng and Eliza for their hospitality!
So Henkie got his traditional Iban-tattoo from a real headhunter ...

On the way to the caves and afterwards Semengoh Orang Oetang rehab centre ...  spot the Orang Belanda
orang belanda

The trip to Bako National Park was certainly an event. The first day was a trek through the jungle to the beach of Pandan Kecil.

Afterwards we found our rooms robbed by a few of those cute monkeys.

Sarawak Cultural Village

Daddy Lims birthday dinner & Lion dance

Bye bye ...!!!!

But not yet to Henkie, who stayed a few more days at sunny Damai Beach, waiting for clear sunset ...

meer foto's volgen/ more pictures will follow